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"The level of partnership between JSC NC KTZ and JSC Russian Railways is exemplary"

On December 13, Kanat Alpysbaev, the head of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy , took part and spoke in the final meeting of the Board of JSC Russian Railways.

He noted the high degree of integration of the railways of Kazakhstan and Russia and stressed the success of cooperation in the implementation of joint projects to create conditions for the growth of the economies of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

"This year we signed the Agreement on strategic partnership between JSC NC KTZ  and JSC RZD, and also prepared the Action Plan for the implementation of priority areas, including commercial and technological-operational blocks, " Kanat Alpysbayev said.

One of the projects of the commercial block is the development of transit transportations within the framework of the United Transport and Logical Company (UTLC), whose creation ensured the provision of a unified competitive transport and logistics service from the borders of China to the EU borders at through rates and at a high rate of speed.

As a result, annual double increases in the volume of transit container transportations along the China-Europe routes are ensured.

Transit of containers in the direction of Asia-Europe increased by 1.7 times compared to the same period in 2016 and amounted to 175 thousand TEU. By the end of the year, no less than 200 thousand TEU are expected, and by 2020 - no less than 800 thousand TEU. At the end of 2017, the speed of container trains averaged about 1000 km per day, in plans, together with partners UTLC to increase it to a level of more than 1100 km / day.

"Development of new services, including transit, increasing the efficiency of the transportation process will ensure synergy in our activities," he noted, and spoke in favor of increasing interaction within the framework of the UTLC to enhance the competitiveness of the Asia-Europe route.

In his opinion, it is necessary to search for alternative exit points to Europe due to the limited capacity of the Polish infrastructure. An alternative entry point may be Kaliningrad.

To promote transit cargo flows through trans-Eurasian routes, joint development of terminals at the points of consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo in Europe, Iran and China should be considered.

"For the further development of the transit service, a radical increase in the speed of delivery is necessary. We are actively participating in the development of the creation of a high-speed cargo and passenger railway corridor "Eurasia", - said the head of JSC NC KTZ.

The route along the territory of Kazakhstan with the length of almost 2800 km will pass through the economically active regions of the north, center, south and south-east of the country, which consolidate the significant cargo and passenger flows, including the border areas.

In enhancing operational efficiency, a successful example of the interaction of the railway administrations of the Kazakhstan and Russia is the organization of route shipments of Kazakh coal to the Luzhskaya station.

"At present, all institutional foundations for further integration and the formation of a common transport space have been created," Kanat Alpysbayev said and stressed that "the level of partnership relations between JSC NC KTZ and JSC RZD is exemplary."

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