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Kazproftrans developed a new Industry Agreement for 2018-2020

This was announced by Orazgali Akhmetbaev, chairman of the Public Association of Kazakhstan's Professional Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Workers (Kazproftrans) in Astana during the 5th Congress of Trade Unions of Railway Workers and Transport Builders of the Commonwealth Countries.

Within the framework of the event, the results of work of the Council of the International Confederation of Trade Unions of Railway Workers and Transport Builders over a five-year period were summed up, and the report of the Audit Commission was heard. The election of the chairman and general secretary of the organization and the new composition of the Confederation Council was held, and the main lines of activity of the Trade Unions of Railway Workers and Transport Builders were approved and a further work plan for the organization was outlined.

"The trade union pays special attention to the development and strengthening of the principles of social partnership in the industry", Orazgali Akhmetbayev said.

"Positive solutions to issues in the field of socio-economic and labor relations can be achieved through the conclusion of sectoral agreements and collective agreements that have become a norm in JSC NC KTZ, its subsidiaries and other organizations supervised by our trade union, " he said.

To date, a new Industry Agreement has been developed between the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC NC KTZ and the trade union for 2018-2020. The document provides for the development of social partnership, prevention of social and labor conflicts, establishment of the basic principles, the procedure for establishing additional payments to workers engaged in heavy work, work with harmful or dangerous working conditions, and much more.

For the period of 2015-2017, 13 collective agreements have been concluded, the implementation of which is constantly under the control of the trade union and the management of the Company.

"Protection of labor rights and social guarantees of employees is one of the priority statutory tasks of the Trade Union," Orazgali Akhmetbaev noted.

"The Confederation is an authoritative dialogue platform for railway workers," said Chairman of Kazprotrans, stressing that trade unions of railroad workers of the CIS and Baltic countries are one of the active associations representing the interests of their members and providing a stable social partnership with the leadership of the railway administrations."

During the Congress elections of the chairman and general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation of Railway Workers were held. By an absolute majority of votes Nikolay Nikiforov and Gennady Kosolapov were re-elected. The event also approved a new membership of the Council of the Confederation of Railway and Transport Trade Unions of the CIS and Baltic States, and an Audit Commission was elected.

At the Congress KazProftrans Chairman  was awarded with the anniversary badge of JSC Russian Railways - "180 Years of the Railways of Russia" for long-term conscientious work, development of friendly relations between railwaymen of the Commonwealth countries.

The Congress of the International Confederation in Astana was held in the anniversary of the 25th year of the formation of Kazproftrans. The delegates of the Congress congratulated and expressed cordial gratitude to the Kazakhstan branch trade union of railway, automobile, air and water transport employees, and JSC NC KTZ for the clear organization of the work of the Congress.

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