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Railway workers supported colleagues

Commodity cashier Aizhan Tanova and train composer Izbasar Augustov are working at the station Zhinishke of Aktobe branch of the road.

This year they were left homeless. The house and all the property of A. Tanova burnt to the ground, the housing of I.Avgustov suffered from floods.

An activist of the local trade union organization Sara Bizhanova said that "no one in the team was left behind and did everything possible to render all possible assistance to their colleagues."

According to S.Bizhanova, the workers of the station jointly purchased building materials and helped reconstruct Izbasar's house. For Aizhan local authorities allocated a land plot. Colleagues for their part provided financial assistance, provided basic necessities, school supplies to children.

"We want to express our gratitude to the whole team. The support and care of them restored our coziness and warmth. If it were not for their attention, we would have lost our hands, "says I. Avgustov.

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