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The way of Kazakh grain to Beijing decreased four times

From Atbasar station of the Akmola branch of the railway, a train with grain was sent to Beijing.

The train, consisting of 53 boxcars of JSC "NC" KTZh "weighing 4,5 thousand tons, follows to the destination without processing at the sorting stations according to the approved schedule according to the principle of the movement of passenger trains.

The train, consisting of 53 boxcars of JSC NC KTZ, routed to the destination without processing at sorting stations, according to the approved schedule and principle of movement.

"The train will be on the road for a day and a half. Within 36 hours after the departure, it will arrive to the Dostyk station. The train follows at a speed of 800 km per day, which is about 4 times faster than conventional freight trains. This type of service allows us to rationally use and timely send rolling stock, and for shippers - to clearly plan the time of departure, "says the head of Atbasar station Serik Kainidenov.

As S. Kainidenov explained, "according to quarantine requirements of the customs service of China, grain is packed in sacks. Taking into account the shortening of delivery approximately 4 times, the turnover of cars is accelerated, the quality of cargo transportation is increased, and the safety of cargo is ensured".

The advantages of this type of service are also noted by shippers.

  LLP "Berkat-Export" sent 20 wagons with grain to Beijing. The head of the enterprise A. Ogaev believes that one of the important advantages of route trains is their efficiency.

"If earlier trains to China were delivered our cargo for a week, now it takes less than two days. Now in a week we can load twice as much grain. In addition, the train can be traced in on-line mode, "Ogayev said.

KTZ-Freight Transportation JSC is paying special attention to ensure uninterrupted transportation of agricultural products. Jointly with the Chinese railways workers a direct route has been organized.

Since the beginning of the year, the national cargo carrier has delivered about 7 million tons of grain to customers, including 4, 6 million tons for export. Over 320 thousand tons of wheat was sent to China.

Recall that at present modern technologies of grain transportation are being introduced by JSC NC KTZ.

In October a pilot project was implemented for the transportation of grain in containers along the new route Kuryk-Alyat-Akhalkalaki-Kars-Mersin.

Press-office of JSC NC KTZ

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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