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Electronic digital library will work in JSC NC KTZ

The project "Digital library" is planned to be created on the platform of Automated System for Controlling Scientific and Technical Information (ASC STI) in JSC NC KTZ.

Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Analysis of Natalia Smolyanova notes that "implementation of the digital library project using cloud technologies and mobile applications for the iOS and Android will ensure the availability of technical information for the Company's employees in any point of the world and at any time of the day."

N. Smolyanova told about the functioning of ASC STI, which provides access to the fund of scientific and technical information, normative and technical documentation, and video products through the corporate network.

"ASC STI allowed not only to automate virtually all processes for each of the activities of our Center, but it is also a unique fount of knowledge," she said.

The automated system consists of constantly updated databases.

They include electronic textbooks, books, illustrated manuals, thematic collections, analytical reviews, full-text articles on topical subjects of the railway industry from periodicals of more than 70 titles, training video films, normative and technical documentation, information sheets on the best technical and technological developments of iron roads of neighboring countries and much more.

As N. Smolyanova noted, "The Company became the first company to use such an information system on the railways of the OSJD member countries. A number of railways administrations of the Organization show interest in the exchange of experience in the field of automation of information processes.”

In the future, it is planned to integrate ASC STI of JSC NC KTZ with a single search system the exchange of scientific and technical information between members of the Organization.

It should be noted that at present the book fund of the Company has about 800 thousand pieces of technical literature, more than 100 titles of periodicals.

Next year, literature of priority items will be purchased, such as SAP system, business transformation, IT-technologies, logistics, HR management and others.

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