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Issues of uninterrupted grain transportation at the control of KTZ - Freight Transportation JSC

The meeting on grain and flour transportation was held at KTZ- Freight Transportation JSC.

Representatives of Atameken, traders, forwarding companies took part in the meeting.

Speaking to the participants of the event, the head of the JSC KTZ -Freight Transportation Oralkhan Kulakov, emphasized the issues of strengthening the interaction of the participants in the transportation process for the timely provision of safe and uninterrupted transportation of a new crop.

"The satisfaction of the requirements for transportation of goods by rail in full is our main task," he said and noted that "all the necessary conditions have been created to fulfill this task."

"There are enough carriages for the transportation of grain and flour. Specifications are provided. Execution of orders of consignors are under constant control, " O. Kulakov explained.

"Since the beginning of November, more than 480 thousand tons of grain have been shipped. At the actual average daily loading of 477 wagons, it is necessary to provide an average loading of 530 wagons per day. Over the same period, 160,000 tons of flour were shipped. The actual average daily loading is 160 wagons, at the same time it is necessary to load an average of 163 wagons per day. The main reason for the lag is the downtime of the wagons, connected with slow loading, "O.Kulakov noted.

The meeting noted that according to the Kostanay Branch, 2,681 wagons (193,900 tons of grain) were shipped from the beginning of November, which is 19% more than last year. Flour was transported 81.4 thousand tons in 1205 cars, which is 40% more than last year.

To study the situation it is recommended that the Atameken should inspect the unloading at the stations of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, China and Aktau Port. All heads of the road departments were instructed to work with the senders and recipients of the goods to reduce the time spent on wagons under cargo operations.

In the regional akimats there are staffs with the participation of consignors, elevator services, customs, phytosanitary and quarantine control.

Summarizing the meeting, the head noted the need to promptly resolve issues and submit applications on time, which will create a clear picture of the park needs and make the work more clear.


Press-office of JSC NC KTZ


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