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JSC NC KTZ increased transportation of coal by 16% from the beginning of 2017

From the beginning of year JSC KTZ - Freight Transportation carried 83.4 million tons of coal. For Kazakhstani consumers, 56.6 million tons were transported, which is 16.5% higher than the same period last year.

Positive dynamics is due to a number of factors, including the increase in working park of wagons. Chairman of the Board of JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation" Oralhan Kulakov told about the situation on transportation of solid household fuel.

- JSC KTZ - Freight Transportation pays special attention to the issue of coal transportation. From the beginning of year, meetings are held monthly in regional road sections with consignors, consignees with participation of representatives of local executive bodies, interested ministries and departments.

In an open dialogue, issues of timely delivery of strategic goods are discussed. The plan of measures for providing coal in the heating season 2017-2018 is developed together with the Ministries of Investment and Development, Energy, JSC Samruk-Energo. Work was carried out with local executive bodies to redistribute budget funds from 4th quarter 2017 to 2-3 quarters for timely accumulation of coal reserves. At present, work with akimats and shippers on the timely shipment of coal to the regions of Kazakhstan continues.

JSC NC KTZ has a sufficient number of wagons to ensure transportation of coal to the regions of Kazakhstan. Currently, more than 50,000 wagons are involved in the park of JSC NC KTZ. To ensure transportation of coal from May this year, the working park of wagons was increased by 5 970 units.

In addition, agreements have been reached with the railway administrations of neighboring countries on mutual assistance in the provision of wagons. Over 1200 wagons of other railway administrations were attracted.

- How many wagons are involved in the transportation of coal per day?

- About 5,000 wagons for transportation of coal are provided per day by shippers. More than 40 percent of the total volume of coal loading is loaded in wagons belonging to JSC "Kaztemirtrans".

It should be noted that the planning of coal transportation is carried out by the shippers themselves. By their applications we provide a continuous cycle of work. Daily wagons are provided to load coal into the address of budgetary organizations and for the needs of communal and domestic purposes.

As of November 1 of this year, at all thermal power plants, daily coal reserves are 1.5 times higher than the standards set by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the current heating period, volume of loading of domestic coal amounted to 4.7 million tons, which is 28.4% higher than in 2016.

JSC KTZ - Freight Transportation is capable of increasing the number of wagons for transportation. However, the production capacities for producing grades of coal and the infrastructural capabilities of coal mines do not allow increasing production and mastering the number of wagons delivered. For example, Karazhyra LLP daily does not absorb 25 wagons, Maikuben Komir LLP - 42 wagons/ per day, BogatyrKomir LLP - 49 wagons /per day. This, in general, leads to a breakdown in the process of ensuring the loading of coal.

- Issue of shortage of coal remains relevant. What are the reasons for this situation?

- I want to clarify that entrepreneurial structures deal with the purchase and distribution of coal in the regions, which often do not have their own wagons, warehouse capacities for storage and even distribution of coal. This creates difficulties during the heating season.

I think that this situation can be avoided if coal preparation for the heating season of the future period is advisable to start from May, clearly planning transportation of seasonal cargo. And then systematic work will be ensured.

In October, coal loading for municipal and domestic needs exceeded the indicators of May by 393 percent! In other words, current heating season has demonstrated results of incorrect planning. The population faced a shortage of solid fuel. So, in October of this year JSC Shubarkol Komir planned to deliver coal to Astana in the amount of 181 wagons or 12,489 tons. However, after the agiotage arose, corrections were made to the plan. In fact, 376 wagons or 25 758 tons were shipped.

The management of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy during meetings with shippers and representatives of local executive bodies repeatedly offered the akimats to sound in advance plans for an approximate loading of coal for consumers of a particular region. This will ensure the rhythm and timeliness of coal transportation and will enable shippers to plan their work clearly.

At present, situation with the supply of coal is monitored on a daily basis.

President and government takes coal issue to control. Coal issues are being monitored by the government and the president of the country.

Press-office of JSC NC KTZ 


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