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Over 6 million tons of grain were transported by Kazakh railway workers from the beginning 2017

The new grain harvest increased volume of transportations, both in the intra-republican communication and for export.

For 10 months of the current year, grain loading amounted to 6.3 million tons. In October, grain and flour were transported in grain equivalent of 1.2 million tons.

It should be noted that this year geography of export shipments has widened due to the opening of a new Italian market. In this direction it is planned to transfer about 200 thousand tons of grain. The export performance in traditional directions is growing steadily. In relation to the same period in 2016, there is an increase in volume of grain export shipments to Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, India. The volume of flour loading is growing dynamically in Afghanistan and China.

An important direction of the national carrier's activity is the provision of uninterrupted transportation of agrarian products.

"Taking into account the current trend of increasing the transportation of goods in general, the national carrier, together with private operators of wagons and shippers, takes all measures for the timely transportation of grain. In these conditions, it is important to understand that the effectiveness of planning and compliance with the established standards of the transportation process are the key to rhythmic transportation, "notes Aidar Isakov, director of department of JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation".

Annually,  joint consolidated work of the staffs on coordination of actions for the transportation of grain and flour with the participation of consignors, local executive bodies, railway workers, private operators of cars coordinates the provision of transportation of agricultural products.

At the Akmola and Kostanai railway branches there are operational working groups for organizing the transportation of grain and grocery products. Work is under way to timely compile grain transportation plans at the request of consignors and daily monitoring of grain wagons and covered wagons for loading.

For the transportation of the new crop 6289 grain wagons of JSC Astyk Trans are involved, as well as about 2000 grain wagons and up to 1,000 covered wagons of private operators. In addition, wagon  park Rusagrotrans was used - up to 400 grain wagons. In addition, as an aid car, an inventory park of other railway administrations of Central Asia, Ukraine and the Baltic States is being attracted.

In total, in Kazakhstan for the transportation of grain in October over 9,000 wagons was used, which is enough for transportation of more than 1 million tons per month, with the consolidated work of all participants in the transportation process according to the normative indicators. For comparison, in past years, the transportation of more than 1 million tons per month was provided by a park of 7,300 wagons.

It should be noted that the park of Russian companies, which in recent years worked in Kazakhstan, is now involved in the Russian Federation, where a record harvest was collected. In addition, high rates for grain transportation in Russia contributed to the outflow of a part of the park of small Kazakhstani operators.

For uninterrupted provision of transportation of grain and flour, JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation" applies new technologies. An important step will be the implementation of the project for the movement of freight trains on an approved timetable and a specific route. This will allow to organize mobile delivery of cargo from the point of departure to the destination, to shorten the transportation time.

Also, line service is being introduced, which allows organizing a seasonal multimodal complex for grain transportation. Transportation of cargo is carried out by vessels, previously chartered or on terms of "Take or pay", with the delivery of goods by wagons in the scheduled time. Such a mechanism of operation will significantly improve the turnover of wagons, ships and terminal load in port Aktau. This service is consolidated into a single chain of all participants in the transportation process and the grain market.


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