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The branch trade union defended rights of train drivers by removing unreasonable medical restrictions


The order of the Ministry of Health of the RK No. 379 on the list of medical contra-indications for entering into labor contracts in the sphere of heavy work with harmful and dangerous working conditions has been amended concerning train drivers.

The changes were initiated by the trade union of JSC "KTZ-Freight Transportation" with the support of the corporate ombudsman of JSC "NC KTZ" and employees of the locomotive brigades.

Now, in accordance with the changes to locomotive management, drivers with a diagnosis of grade I hypertension are allowed without pronounced crisis flow and after effective treatment. However, the basis for not allowing the employee to manage the rolling stock is arterial hypertension II-III degree. In this case, workers with hypertension are not allowed to drive high-speed passenger trains and to work "in one person", without the assistant driver.

"The need to revise the Order arose long ago," said Aytym Kurakbayev, executive director of JSC "KTZ-FreightTransportation", and explains that "drivers at the age of 35-40 years who have accumulated great professional experience by this time were often deprived of the opportunity to drive locomotives. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health, a considerable number of professional machinists were released from work. Now the number of such cases will significantly decrease. "

As the chairman of the medical expert commission, the production doctor Kulyan Erezhepova saying, "machinists with arterial hypertension can perform their professional duties when taking basic therapy and under the supervision of a doctor. With the modern level of medicine, a driver with a diagnosis of hypertension I degree can successfully fulfill his professional duties, observing the safety of traffic. "

All regional branches of JSC "KTZ-Freight Transportation" carried out work on clarifying the changes made to the order of the Ministry of Health to reduce medical contra-indications when persons connected with the movement of trains are admitted to work.

Press-office of JSC NC KTZ


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