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About 100 km of railway Almaty-1-Shu became double-track


Second tracks on the Almaty-1-Shu railway line are laid for 98 kilometers.

"Completed work on the site with a length of 3.2 kilometers. The Bel-Kulakshino fare was put into operation, the movement for cargo and passenger trains on a double-track line is fully open. Works are being completed at the 10th and 11th sections of the Kordai-Otar ferry line, "says Kairat Sazayev, Director of the Branch of JSC NC KTZ - "Zhambyl Branch of mainline network".

According to the veteran of the railway industry Kaltay Sambetov, the importance and complexity of the section between Otar and Shu lies in the fact that there is a prolonged ascent on both sides to Shokpar station.

"Now nine autotransformer substations are built here, which will make up for the loss of electric power on the rise. Significantly increase throughput due to increased speeds on two routes, "K. Sambetov noted.

"This is a great victory for the builders and railroad operators. The site, being one of the most strenuous, will provide the necessary capacity. Here, a lot of passenger and freight trains run. Among them are high-speed passenger trains "Tulpar-Talgo", as well as container trains, which come from China to Europe. Now they will go without stopping, "stressed the railroad veteran.

With the commissioning of the last section on Aksengir-Shamalgan stretch, the second route from Shu to Almaty will be continuous.

Recall, the construction of the second tracks on the second launch complex of the Almaty-1-Shu railway is carried out by JSC NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" under the program "Nurly Zhol".

In general, the length of the second tracks on the Almaty-1-Shu section will be total 113 kilometers. Currently, the construction of an automobile overpass is underway.

Press-office of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy


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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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