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About 4 million tons of cargo passed through the Shymkent branch of the road in the first half of 2017

August 2, the president of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kanat Alpysbaev held a meeting with the heads of railway departments of the Shymkent branch of the road.

During the meeting, issues of improving the efficiency and safety of transportation, creating transport and logistics conditions in the region for the development of transit traffic were discussed.

As the director of the branch of JSC KTZ-FreightTransportation - Shymkent branch of the Freight Transportation Yermekbai Yermanov reported, in the first half of this year the main planned performance indicators were fulfilled. The volume of loading was 4.3 million tons, 3, 2% higher than the plan. The cargo turnover reached 3829.9 million ton-kilometers net, which is 2.5% higher than the plan and 8.1% higher than the level of the same period.

Through the Shymkent branch of the road, 3.9 million tons of transit cargo were transported, which is 2% more than in the same period last year. Container shipments increased by 72% against the level of the previous year and amounted to 424 thousand TEU.

Measures are being taken to reorient the cargo from alternative modes of transport, 65 customers are involved.

To improve the condition of the track, enhanced average repair of station lines, other types of work using heavy types of machines were performed.

Much attention is paid to the implementation of preventive measures to prevent accidents involving violations of the rules for finding on the tracks by third parties.

From the railroaders themselves, strict adherence to the technology of production of works, exclusion of the negative influence of the human factor, constant analysis and identification of cause and effect relations of incidents are required.

On the removal of obstacles hampering the growth in the volume of cargo transportation, further repair of the track will be sent, upgrades of signaling and communication equipment, and energy supply.

During the meeting, special emphasis was placed on the organization of passenger transportation. In conditions of a huge passenger traffic in the summer, during the exhibition EXPO-2017 the provision of high-quality passenger service is a priority.

In addition, the report of the heads of railway enterprises on preparation for the heating season was heard.

Summing up the meeting, the head of the Company noted that "it is necessary for all to make maximum efforts to realize the tasks facing the team".

Within the framework of the working trip K. Alpysbaev visited the transport and logistics center in Shymkent, which is planned to be commissioned before the end of this year.

A Class A complex with a total area of 40 hectares will provide a full range of logistics services.
The head of JSC NC KTZ instructed to speed up work on completing the construction of this important facility.
In addition, K. Alpysbaev visited the railway stations of Shymkent and Turkestan.
The head of the Company also got acquainted with the organization of technical training, raising the professional skills of employees and, on the whole, positively assessed the work of the depot staff.
During the meetings with the heads of enterprises, representatives of labor collectives, the President of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy discussed the issues of increasing the efficiency of the transportation process, the quality of the transport services provided, informed about the goals and tasks facing the Company, set the benchmarks in the work.
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