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Medical trains

Since 2010, the joint-stock company "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy " together with the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan is implementing a project on the running of medical trains. The social project is unusual in its essence, since the first time, a fundamentally new type of mobile, multidiscipline, specialized consultative and diagnostic assistance for railway transport workers and their family members.

The project was noted in the annual Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan in 2011, the train "Densaulyk" became one of the winners of the Republican competition on social responsibility of business "Paryz" in the nomination "The best social project of the year" and the best socially responsible project in Kazakhstan at the international festival "Choice of the Year №1 in Kazakhstan" in 2010.

Three medical trains "Densaulyk", "Zhardem" and "Salamatty Kazakhstan" were launched in all directions of the republic.

The composition of one medical train consists of 8 cars, with the provision of all conditions for a full cycle of examination, for outpatient surgeries. As part of the medical team of the train there are qualified doctors of the main specialties: therapist, pediatrician, neuropathologist, oculist, ENT, gynecologist, surgeon, urologist, mammologist, dentists. All of them are doctors of the first and highest qualification categories.

To strengthen the technological, labor and executive discipline in the organization of the work of the medical train, 6 train officers and an engineer coordinating the maintenance of the trains operate. The average number of personnel per train is 50 people, including: 20 - technical personnel, 2 - security, 28 - medical personnel.

The trains are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, including a computer spirometric system, an echoencephalograph, a videogastrophicoscope, a cardiac monitoring system for carrying out diagnostic load tests, which includes a bicycle ergometer, a cardiograph and a computer data processing system, as well as X-ray, dental, ENT and ophthalmological equipment of the last years of release of leading German and Japanese manufacturers.

The equipment listed allows patients to be provided with general and biochemical analyzes of blood and urine, radiography and fluroography, ultrasound examination of internal organs and vessels, electrocardiogram, bicycle ergometry, gastrofibroscopy, computer spirography, echoencephalography and other types of diagnostic studies, if necessary.

Residents of the station have the opportunity to receive highly qualified specialized medical care, including small surgical operations (including urological and gynecological), as well as high-quality dental treatment at the level of a consultative and diagnostic center of regional importance.

Thanks to the development of transport medicine, including the work of medical trains, many patients were in the field of vision of doctors for the first time in their life or for many years. Some patients have discovered advanced diseases. In the early stages, doctors identified acute and chronic pathologies, oncological diseases and tuberculosis.

All patients receive the necessary first aid, professional advice and directions for further treatment in the nearest medical centers.

Within two or three hours, many parameters of blood are operatively determined. Of these, one might say, diabetes problems are now the most urgent. Blood sugar is determined literally within a matter of seconds.

During the summer period, children's attractions are installed at stations of medical train stops. While adults are examined by doctors, children spend their time leisurely on children's playgrounds, equipped next to the formulations. The guys play air hockey, check and measure the force of impact on special installations, amuse themselves at the attraction "Inflatable slides".

The results of the consultative and diagnostic trains "Densaulyk", "Zhardem" and "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for a short period of their activity confirmed the important social significance and cost-effectiveness of this project. Such trains are now a necessary and sometimes the only possible way of rendering highly qualified consultative and diagnostic assistance to the population of remote areas of our country.

High quality and the established system of medical trains work allows to provide timely detection of diseases, which a person may not even suspect. According to statistics, for the first time diseases are detected in more than 30% of the examined, including every fourth diagnosis is very serious and requires intervention from the medical institution.

Thus, thanks to the activities of trains, the opportunity to identify pathology at an early stage increases when a person can be effectively helped.

Starting in 2016, the project "Medical trains" is implemented with the support of the Fund for the Development of Social Projects "Samryk-Kazyna Trust".

Information on the results of work of trains

Total of 2010-2017 years.

Since 2010, three consultative and diagnostic trains "Densaulyk", "Zhardem" and "Salamatty Kazakhstan" have examined residents of more than 1,000 stations in all regions of the republic.

Experts examined more than 300 thousand residents, including at least 70 thousand children. The total number of medical visits was about 2.2 million. Over 1.3 million diagnostic procedures have been carried out, telemedicine consultations have been organized several times. Mammologist examined more than 48 thousand women. Dental care has been provided to at least 86,000 residents of the republic.

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