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The car inspector shared his experience

The car inspector Bekbolat Mustafin in 2016 found 7 defects of side frames of trolleys, which gave him the right to be called best in their field. The record for his branch of the road he established in 2015, when he revealed 10 cases of fracture of the side frames of trolleys.  For vigilance, and the conscientious performance of his duties, as well as prevention of emergency situations B.Mustafin was awarded the medal "For safety movement".


According to him, the inspection of the approaching railcars starts when cars on the run. An experienced inspector can see almost all the defects. For example, the alleged defects of book woods, slides, and wheels thoroughly inspected right after the train stops.


"The primary task of a car inspector is to listen to the sounds coming from the approaching car. The wheels or side frames, having cracks, while movement produces a unique sound. After that we should inspect the appearance of the car. Because the defective cars in most cases skewed to one side," says B. Mustafin.


These workshops are offered by B. Mustafin not the first time. This time he held master classes in technical inspection. Just the other day he came back from Degelen station, where he also shared his experiences.


“Bekbolat has been working on the railway for 24 years.During his work at the depot he proved himself as a conscientious, professional and responsible worker. In complex production situations, he always knows how to quickly find optimal solutions," says the Director of Semey operational carload depot Aset Suleimenov.


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