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“Dostyk” station

An international border crossing Dostyk – Alashankou was placed into operation in 1991 and ensured cargo transportation by rail between Europe and Asia through the territory of Kazakhstan, forming an additional transcontinental route, which links countries of Asian-Pacific region, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe.  
The Dostyk station is a part of Alakol area of Almaty region. Acutely continental climate.
There are minerals: Andreyev and Ildersay bentonite clay deposits. The region has a developed irrigated cropping and dry farming, production of cereal and vegetable crops, the main focus is on dairy and meat cattle-breeding. 

Region’s characteristics:

  • Territory – 23,7 thousand square kilometers
  • Population – 79,9 thousand people (including urban population – 18,3 thousand people, rural population – 61,6 thousand people).
  • Population density – 3,4 per square kilometer
  • Number of settlements – 61
  • Number of rural and urban districst – 24
  • District center – Ucharal city (15,4 thousand people)
  • Dostyk village – more than 3 thousand people (including 1/3 – railroaders)

The Dostyk station is a border transshipment station and provides a full range of operations for reception and departure of trains following through the state border, transshipment from wagon to wagon due to the change of gauge of the railway, transposition of freight and passenger cars from bogies of one track to another, formation and braking-up of trains that are sent to and come from the railway net of Kazakhstan and other countries.

Station’s gridiron consists of three receiving-departure parks and one park for customs clearance of trains and wagons.

At the station there are a post for cars’ maintenance, post for transposition of freight and passenger cars from bogies of one track to another and seven transshipment locations.

The post for transposition of freight and passenger cars from bogies of one track to another has 10 positions for rearranging wheelsets of passenger cars and 42 positions for rearranging wheelsets of freight cars.

Terminal capacity of adjacent area Aktogai – Dostyk increases every year and in 2008 it reached nearly 18 million tons. According to forecasts of expected traffic volumes through the border crossing Dostyk – Alashankou the traffic will increase by 23 million tons in a year by 2014. 

Stations management

Name Position Contact telephone number Extension number

Nurym Zhaniyazov

Station’s manager 87283331015 6-22-00
Secretary - - 6-22-05

Manatbek Kaldybayev

First deputy manager - 6-22-01
Murat Bainagayev Deputy manager for foreign economic relations - 6-28-17
Mirbolat Shoinbekov Deputy manager for cargo operations  - 6-22-03
Sunkar Sakenov Chief engineer  87283331011 6-22-04


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