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Training and Development

Professional development and training is one of the key areas of personnel policy of the Company


Our employees have the opportunity to develop professionally in the following areas:

  •  Master's and Doctoral studies:
    • the Company sends employees to study abroad for Master's / doctoral studies with the payment of the grant covering all expenses for employee training in foreign countries (including tuition, accommodation, meals, etc.). Employees, who complete Master's / doctoral studies, will be the basis for the formation of the scientific potential of the Company;
  •  internships of employees on the railroad enterprises of the CIS and abroad:
    • program focuses on the development of professional competencies of staff necessary for efficient operation under conditions of production modernization, implementation of innovative projects in the rail industry, raising the level of English proficiency to ensure the possibility of studying and implementing global best practices in management decision-making system;
  •  training and certification of financial and economic block employees on international/ national certification programs:
    • training and certification of financial and economic block employees on international/ national certification programs. The preparation of in-house trainers (lecturers), with necessary professional qualifications and skills to conduct training activities in order to ensure a permanent and accessible teaching of the Company employees on its own;
  •  organization of English language courses for employees:
    • English language courses are conducted in order to provide employees with possibility to improve their English language to expand skills of acquisition of up-to-date information from global sources, establish contacts and conduct business negotiations with foreign partners, as well as to send for training and/ or internship programs of foreign partners;
  •  short-term training courses and seminars;
  •  training and retraining of more than 5,500 skilled workers each year on 102 major working professions based on the four training centers of railway workers in the cities of Aktobe, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Taraz.



Every year the Company, going to a higher level of technology and applying advanced technologies in engineering, railway construction, repairing paths provides a smooth transition to the high technology company, which in turn leads to increased demands for staff.

Using of high technologies helps to change the content and function of labor, requires from the employee better intellectual mobility, ability to solve production problems in the new environment. In this regard, since 2011 in order to increase qualification requirements for staff the Company is developing the professional standards that will improve the system of recruitment, staff appraisal and motivation, serve as the basis for developing new state standards of vocational education and training programs.

These transformations enable aligning an adequate extent, direction and quality of the training to the needs of the Company.

In order to create a common space based on the integration of knowledge in the field of high technology, high-tech industries and training of qualified specialists the Centre for Technologies in Transport is established at the Company.

This Centre will become the base for the implementation and introduction of a dual system of education by providing the technical basis for practical training.

In order to provide an appropriate level of training in the structure of the Centre branch college will be established.

Moreover, taking into account that the high technology production is inseparably linked with research and innovation, establishing of design, survey, testing centers, center for certification and metrology is planned in the structure of the Center. They will become a platform for experimental and innovative work at the Company.

Prospecting work on the development of new technologies, equipment, and their implementation into the Company production will generate a methodical basis of the educational process, development of new methods and forms of education.

At the Center trainings will be provided for production staff, teachers of universities, colleges and regional training centers of the Company, employees of foreign railroad companies operating, repairing and servicing equipment produced by the Company enterprises. Modular trainings for employees of higher and middle management will be implemented including the invitation of foreign experts.


There are scholarships of the President of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and education grants on programs of Master`s and Doctoral studies.



Scholarships are established to:

  •  engagement of the Company's most talented young professionals;
  •  ensuring the development of intellectual potential of the Company.

The selection of candidates for the award of grants and scholarships is conducted on a competitive basis by determining the level of training on the basis of the submitted documents of education and letters of recommendation. For participation in the selection permissions are obtained by employees that meet the selection criteria and submitted the documents in accordance with the rules of the Company. The selection consists of two stages. At the first stage the applicant's compliance with the requirements is determined on the basis of submitted documents. According to the results of the first stage recommendations are made on each applicant to award a grant or scholarship, and materials of candidates submitted for consideration of the Commission.

The award of educational grants is carried out on the Company's prioritized professions which are approved annually by the Awarding Commission.



Talent pool is a pool of perspective and motivated to achieve high performance employees, provides continuity at all levels of the group of companies.

Personnel policy of the Company aims to promote the strategic development of sector and provide it by professionals with the required skills and corporate competencies and involved in the decision of corporate objectives. The main principles of the talent pool formation are:


  •  optimal planning of talent pool for executive positions;
  •  providing the involvement of staff through maximally comprehensive coverage of potential candidates in the talent pool;
  •  targeted career planning of employees who are in the talent pool.

Talent pool includes the strategic, corporate, youth and basic pools.

In the case of compliance with the following requirements, employee candidature can be included in talent pool:

  •  higher professional education;
  •  experience in the field of railway transport for at least 3 years;
  •  positive results;
  •  passing a mandatory assessment procedures potential for professional development, corporate performance;
  •  achieving or exceeding specified levels of assessment to an appropriate position;
  •  compliance with the statutory qualification requirements for subsequent replacement of position.


Our Company has mentorship and induction programs. Induction and mentoring of young professionals are conducted by skilled workers. There are developed and approved programs of activities for the Induction Day, including acquaintance with policies and main directions of development of the Company. They provide social and psychological orientation of young professionals.

Mentoring and induction procedures are the most effective methods of engagement of staff, reducing turnover and retention of young professionals and employees.

Work experience of the best mentors and most effective induction measures implemented in all structural divisions of the Company.

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