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The management and processing of payments for transportation

Brief description

Branch of JSC "National Company "Kazakhstan Railways "-"Management and processing of payments for transportation" (hereinafter - the branch) is a subdivision of JSC "National Company "Kazakhstan Railways" (hereinafter - JSC "NC "KTZ ").

The subject of the Branch is:

• keeping records of income from freight transport

•maintenance payments to shippers (consignees), forwarding companies for freight and other services related to the transport of goods

• The organization of electronic payment and settlement system for the provision of transport services (freight, passenger, etc.) in real time

• Technical and technological support for the implementation of railway tickets online through the website: www.pcentre.kz

Introduction into the informatization sphere of rail transport of modern banking technology and program software solves the issues of improving the quality of the calculations for rail services.

Electronic payments for freight can be carried out on 138 commercial offices. Approximately 7,000 customers work with transport card has throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For support of the AU "Payment system" of "NC"KTZ" organized 14 regional offices on the technology of electronic payments (ROTEP).

AU “Payment system” allows to:

• concentrate the management of payments for railway services within a single center

• receive an invoice in commercial office

• eliminate the need to send a telegram confirming the availability of money on a personal account (costs time and money)

• quickly and reliably provide information on cash flow at client’s account

• monitor and analyze your company payment for transportation

• have a few cards attached to one account

• receive an account statement, showing all transactions in the context of the stations

• get rid of the risk and inconvenience associated with payment in cash

• to obtain information about the transactions on the account in the SMS form - messages on your mobile phone.

Regional representatives

Commercial offices connected to the Payment System

Technology centers for processing of shipping documents

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Additional information can be obtained by calling to Astana:

(7172) 60-66-43 (Department of technological support systems of electronic payments)

(7172) 60-66-48, 60-66-49 (Department of Technology Services to transportation card holders)

E-mail: vitrina@railways.kz

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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