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Main orientations of JSC “NC “KTZ” youth policy

Today, in joint-stock company "National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" are working more than 52 thousand young employees under the age of 35 years.

The key element in development of personnel potential of the Company is the systematic implementation of corporate youth policy.

The basis of activity with young people in the Company is the Program of youth policy adopted for 2016-2021 years, which consists of a set of programs aimed at improving the professional skills, raising the corporate spirit, development of young people's involvement system, their effective adaptation and fixing in the Company, involvement of young people to corporate tasks decision, development of international youth cooperation, spiritual, moral and patriotic education of youth, as well as promoting the values of a healthy lifestyle and sport among young people.

The aim of the Programme is to contribute to the strategic development of joint-stock company "National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" by providing the Company with the necessary number young workers with the requisite skills and corporate competencies, sharing the corporate values of the Company and involved in the decision of corporate tasks.

In order to solve the actual problems and coordinate activities of the participants of the youth policy of the Company advisory body - was established the Council of Youth Affairs under the President of the Company. The tasks of the Council are to determine the priorities for the formation and implementation of a comprehensive policy regarding young workers, analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of the youth policy and development of recommendations for its improvement, as well as discussion of other important issues related to the Company's young employees. Currently, Council's regional representatives are actively working in all regions of the country as well as in Company’s subsidiaries.

The Council of "Zhas Otan" Youth wing was established, which is an advisory body of the primary party organization JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" of "National Democratic Party" Nur Otan" on youth policy.

Ongoing major programs in the framework of Youth policy are - "Project Management", "Future managers", the corporate camp “Sen bolmasan, kim? (Who, if not you?)”, KVN movement. Each youth project develops, acquiring new properties and opening up new opportunities for young people.

“Sen bolmasan, Kim? (Who, if not you?)” is a large scale ground of young people integration interested in politics, economics, innovation, social life and civics initiatives.

The purpose of the program is to strengthen corporate spirit, creating motivation for uniting young professionals, development of skills, increase initiative of young employees, strengthening the position of "Company needs me."

"Project Management" aims to find innovative ideas, projects and talented young people with a high level of professional competence.

"Project Management" teaches young people competently initiate, plan, manage and present projects, as well as allows to prove themselves during the preparation and conduct of the youth forum of JSC "NC" KTZ " the program "Project Management" is held on the unique information platform on the Internet - "4i System" (Information incubator of innovative ideas). And what used to be done "by hand" - collection of applications for the competition, collection of projects for expert evaluation, etc. - today have been automated. All projects participating in the competition are created using online tools and system tools, and here they pass preliminary assessment.

"Future managers" is a project aimed at creating the necessary conditions for the formation of a qualitatively new type of worker in youth environment: forward-thinking, active leaders, the people with a new mentality, who seeking to develop and build a professional career.

The mechanism for the implementation of these programs are to hold regional and republic youth forums, to identify the best projects for presentation and further implementation on the ground.

Active participants and creators of the best projects are selected to participate in the Republic Youth Forum in Astana city.

Nowdays under those programs approximately 7500 young employees of the Company were trained by experienced coaches.

"SV" national KVN team. The "SV" KVN team was formed with volunteers of the Company from the staff of the structural units and subsidiaries. Today the team has established itself in Kazakhstan and internationally.

Championship in the inter-regional League "Astana" of KVN "AMIC" International Union, which is the only official league of KVN in Central Asia, gives an opportunity for the team to enter to the KVN international arena, besides this event contributed to the Company's corporate culture development, promotion of KVN movement among young workers, railwayman profession popularization and improvement of the Company's image.

From the team’s history.

Initially, the team consisted of more than twenty people who are ready to conquer the KVN Olympus, over time, the enthusiasm has dried up, and remained ones, faithful to the spirit of KVN.

Within a short period of time the team showed good results:

  1. The winner of "rating" of KVN "AMIC" International Union at the XXI International Festival of KVN (Russia, Sochi), more than 700 KVN teams from the former Soviet Union have participated in the festival;
  2. Vice-champion of "Astana" interregional League of the KVN "AMIC" International Union, participation in this project allowed the team to accumulate a great experience of playing on the big stage for the national television;
  3. The winner of "Big Spring Cup" of the Akmola region’s (Kokshetau) Akim’s KVN festival, the festival provided an opportunity for an exchange of experience among Kazakhstani KVN teams;
  4. Finalist of the Contest Games «League of Russian Railways» (Moscow, Russia), the league has helped the team to determine the basic principles of the performances on KVN international arena, to develop international relations;
  5. The winner of Central Kazakhstan festival, winner of the Grand Prix at the Central Kazakhstan Festival (Karaganda), which is one of the important stage in the team’s development that showed the results of the team as the strongest participant n the ranking of the teams of Kazakhstan;
  6. The winner of the III place at the Central Asia Summer Cup (Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul), at this KVN international festival team showed a very decent game, thus entered the Central Asian platform of KVN, raised its rating, it gave impetus to the further participation in international projects. In addition, entering the top three, "SV" KVN team contributed to the promotion of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "as a large enterprise, which can not only work well, but also usefully spend their spare time, where young talents are cared and appreciated;
  7. The winner of the II place at the festival of Mangistau region’s Akim’s KVN Summer Cup, and the winner in the nomination "The best musical performance" (Aktau);
  8. The winner of the III place of "Khabar Cup" (Almaty);
  9. Semifinalist of "Open League of Kazakhstan" (Almaty).
  10. Champion of "Astana" interregional League of KVN "AMIC" International Union.

Thanks to the regular support of the Company's management all youth projects develop, open young talents in a railway environment, allow them to realize their creative and professional opportunities.

Training and education programs for young leaders, who formed the backbone of the program "Future managers", which began its work in 2010, are becoming more complex and lengthy respectively to the inner growth of members of this community in the following areas "Leadership and Project Management", "Time and the team: important resources of a great company", "Effective communication" etc. This preparation gives a powerfull effect. Today, the guys who participated in regional and republic forums grew in Company, parallel with the self-implementing of individual projects.

As part of the implementation of the Programme Youth Policy of JSC "NC "KTZ "and its subsidiaries in during the II Republic Youth Forum were launched: the corporate social network «Zhastemir.kz» and interactive website «Goodrail.kz».

Social networking provides an effective communication between the young employees of the Company, living in different regions of the country: here they can chat for personal interests and for the exchange of professional experience.

Using all the existing network channels, the participants can almost continuously discuss issues of concern without regard to the separating kilometers.

Interactive website is responsible for the youth policy, charity and sport events held in the Company.

On interactive website various youth projects such as Galstukoff - video message of the leaders about goals and issues arising in the Company and many others are launched. At the same time, youth contests in the Company, including the contest "Young professional specialist", "Remember, proud and inherit," "Young Professionals", "Young railroad family", "Young look" are held on the corporate social network «Zhastemir.kz».

Social benefits and guarantees for the Company's youth.

The company attaches great importance to social security of workers and young people, which includes: providing young professionals of the Company with housing (provision and implementation of housing for Company employees of the on preferential terms, provision of rental housing, provision of service housing with option to purchase), provision of educational grants and scholarships behalf of the President of the Company, professional training of young people, providing young railroad professionals, arriving to work at the stations of 3, 4, 5 classes, overrunning points and patrols, financial assistance for the resettlement of 25 MCI; a 20 percent increase to the tariff rate (salary) of young professionals sent to stations of 3, 4, 5 classes and separate points during the first two years of work; for fixing the staff at line stations and separate points taking measures to ensure their housing; provision of material assistance in regard with the birth, adoption of the child in the amount of double minimum salary, and in case of birth of two or more children of the employee - in the amount of triple minimum salary for each child.

The outcome of the Youth Policy held annually "Youth - the future of the railway!" Republic Forum, which opens the names of talented engineers-innovators, adds to the personnel reserve of JSC "NC "KTZ "promising young employees, provides an opportunity for the winners of software projects to improve their skills and overstep to higher positions.

During the forum, round tables with the participation of Vice-President and Managing Directors of the Company, where each participant of the forum has an opportunity to learn more about innovation and technology strategy of the Company, implementation of new projects, development of investment activity and the development of transport logistics, where each participant Forum is an opportunity to learn more about innovation and technology strategy of the Company, implementation of new projects, development of investment activity and the development of transport logistics. Moreover, meeting with the representatives of international delegations of Russia and Latvia was held.

In addition, in the framework of the forum is annually held the ceremony "Young professional specialist" annual youth award, which aims to encourage the most active part of the youth and persons directly contributing to the comprehensive development of the Company, identifying the best young professionals in their field.

The company managed to do a lot to involve young employees in the innovation process of creativity. But more must be done.

Main goal is to create a new generation of railway workers of the XXI century, responsible and ambitious professionals who are able to develop the Company and grow together.




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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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«NC «KTZ» privatization
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