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«NC «KTZ» transformation
«NC «KTZ» transformation
«NC «KTZ» privatization
«NC «KTZ» privatization

Main orientations of JSC “NC “KTZ” youth policy

The quality of work of any company depends on quality staff. And that is why the development and support of young professionals is one of the Company’s priorities.

In November 2008 the Company’s young workers initiated a creation of the Council of Youth Wing “Zhas Otan” and also the establishment of the Council for youth affairs of JSC “NC “KTZ”. The Council is headed by the President of the Company Askar Mamin.

The Company’s young people not only work hard but also benefit from their holidays. In KTZ on voluntary basis a KVN team named “SV” has been formed consisting of employees of organization departments and subsidiaries. At the moment the team is well-known at both Kazakhstan and international levels after becoming a Vice-champion of inter-regional league KVN “Astana” in 2009, winner of International Festival KVN “KIVIN-2010” Rating of International Union KVN “AMIK” in 2010, winner in a series of other Club’s nominations.

The team successfully performed at the festival of International KVN Union in Sochi and at the Inter-regional league KVN “Astana”, reached semi-finals of Kazakhstan Championship and final of Russian Railways KVN League. This year from Petropavlovsk the team brought the Cup of the Governor of North-Kazakhstan region for winning a contest among Russian and Kazakhstan KVN teams.

The resolution of 51st meeting of the Rail transport Council established by member-states of Commonwealth to develop cooperation in working with young specialists of railway administrations and sectoral universities of Commonwealth countries in April 2010 created the Working group of rail transport Council on working with young people, which included representatives of JSC “NC “KTZ”.

One of the results of cooperation between KTZ and Russian Railways within this Working group was creation of student construction team consisting of 12 members in order to build combined railway and highway Adler-“Alpika-Service” mountain resort. The team was sent to the site for July-August period.

In order to consolidate professional development and support the initiative and address social problems of young employees since the beginning of 2010 the Company launched two programs: the camp of young workers under the slogan “Sen bolmasan, Kim? (If not you, then who?)”, and regional and republican forums of young employees “Zhastar – temirzhol bolashagy” (Youth – future of railway) within “Project Management” and “Future Managers” programs.

“Project Management” – a project aimed at identifying young people’s innovative ideas, leadership and professional qualities. This project is realized by organizing regional and republican Youth Forums, determining best projects for presentation and further implementation in the field.

“Project Management” teaches young people to competently initiate, plan, manage and present projects, as well as allows them to prove themselves at Youth Forums of JSC “NC “KTZ”.

Authors of the best projects are selected to participate at Republican Youth Forum in Astana.

The best projects can be selected for implementation and launched as pilot projects with financial support from the Company.

“Future managers” – a project aimed at identifying and developing management qualities, team building, partnership, information exchange and feedback, goals setting and planning, as well as professional qualities at manufacturing, logistics, marketing, economics and finance.

The best ones, according to coaches and organizing committees of regional Forums, are automatically selected to participate at Republican Youth Forum in Astana, based on which the top ten young employees of JSC “NC “KTZ” will be sent abroad for advanced training courses.

From 22nd to 25th of September 2010 the winners (4 people) of Youth Forum of the Company held in Almaty participated in a federal youth rally of open joint-stock company “Russian Railways”, which took place in Moscow.

After regional youth forum in Kostanay the best contestant received a special prize from the Central council of Company’s trade union – a trip to the second International youth forum of railwaymen trade unions, which was held on 21-24 September 2010 in Odessa, Ukraine.

“Who if not you?” – a project that was first held from 26 to 31 March 2010 in JSC “NC “KTZ” branch S. Seifullin sanatorium-preventorium located in the Borovoe resort zone, which is aimed at preserving and strengthening young human resource potential. This is a youth corporate camp for young employees of KTZ. Frequency: twice a year, age from 18 to 30.

Over 500 young employees participated in the foregoing projects. By the end of this year another 500 railwaymen aged 30 or less will be trained.

Moreover, the best eight young workers of the Company participated at Youth forum of World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”, which took place on 3-11 October this year on the Rhodes Island, Greece.

In 2011 it is planned to introduce a special automated system to develop and promote youth projects – the “4i System”: “Information Incubator for Innovative Ideas”.

Network-wide intranet environment, designed for systematic data collection, processing and analyzing innovative and rationalization proposals of JSC “NC “KTZ” young employees.

The system will fully automate the whole life cycle of innovative project from formulation of its idea to decision on its implementation and will allow to involve a wide range of workers into innovative activities.

Through the use of modern communication and information technologies the “4i System” significantly simplifies the process of promoting innovative ideas, the procedure of its expertise, ensures transparent and objective assessment. The system further reduces the amount of time spent on examining each project. Transparent and simple use of the system makes it available for an absolute majority of the Company’s employees.

Furthermore, in order to ensure constant communication between young employees of the Company an interactive network “My world KTZ” will be created.

These projects bring together a set of measures by which the Company hopes to train future managers, increase the number of human resource reservists and receive innovative and ground-breaking projects aimed at developing country’s railway system.

A number of youth events, joint meetings of Advisory Council and Council for youth affairs, round tables on “The future of state language is in young people’s hands!”, “Iron NO to corruption!” are being realized. 

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