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Pensioners’ care

Specific character of rail transport functioning, presence of population aggregates – stations, halts, high number of personnel – have always required enterprises operating in this sphere to be particularly socially responsible. Therefore, corporate attention to personality, a constant study of workers’ social security, preservation and development of human capacity are traditional areas of rail transport social policies.

Being a subject of market economy the Company has a social responsibility to workers and retirees of the sphere and year after year increases the spending on social benefits for workers and non-working pensioners.

There are 40 thousand unemployed pensioners registered at the Company. If adding dependent joint-stock companies there will be 50 thousand people.

Council of Veterans public associations were established under regional divisions of railway, which are responsible for visiting sick and lonely pensioners at home and in hospitals, introducing and training pensioners with modern means of communication, conducting creative conferences on issues of succession of generations, organizing a collection of memoirs and biographies of pensioners for the “Labor Prowess of Main Line”, congratulating retirees with momentous dates, consulting, explaining and helping the Company’s retirees, assisting in organizing funerals.

The Collective agreement for 2009-2011 between Joint-stock company “National company “Kazakhstan temir zholy” and its employees is an important document for social support of unemployed pensioners.

While the amount of money spent on financial support for pensioners in 2009 was 515 million tenge, this year the planned expenditures for these purposes increased by 15% and added up to 593 million tenge.

Main components of the Company’s social package for non-working pensioners are: annual free trip, provision of discounted vouchers for sanatorium rehabilitation, payment of a lump-sum grant for non-working pensioners, payment for dental prosthetics, financial assistance for funeral, payment of a lump-sum grant on anniversary dates.

Furthermore the commission on social and domestic issues provides a financial aid for non-working pensioners based on submitted applications.

In 2009 nearly 9000 workers and pensioners received health-improving procedures, 35-40% of which were pensioners; the same number is planned for 2010.

Joint-stock company “National company “Kazakhstan temir zholy” – the only national company and industry as a whole that has a deliberative assembly consisting of the most experienced industry veterans – Advisory Council (hereinafter – the Council) – the keeper of traditions of rail industry, which is a worthy role model first of all for the young people working at the Company.

On the eve of 65th anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945 the JSC “NC “KTZ” provided a financial help not only to war veterans and members of People’s Commissariat of Communications in a sum of 30 000 tenge, but also gave 10 000 tenge to veterans of labor front, who were awarded with orders and medals of the former USSR, 5 000 tenge to those who did not receive any awards and 5 000 tenge to survivors of siege and prisoners of concentration camps.

Furthermore, for the first time in 2010 JSC NC “KTZ” provided a free trip for war veterans and disabled war veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan not just for one month but for the period from May to December of 2010 without limiting the number of trips. From 3 to 12 of May war veterans and disabled war veterans were provided with free meal in restaurant cars.

At the initiative of young wing “Zhas Otan” war veterans and disabled war veterans – former railwaymen were visited by young workers of national company with flowers and presents.

On 6th of May 2010 JSC “NC “KTZ” greeted participants of holiday March-parade dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. Guests of honor were surrounded with care and attention. On 7th of May veterans-railwaymen were welcomed at a state reception at the office of national company. Veterans participated in the events with the Head of State at “Ak Orda” residence, visited Presidential Cultural Center. In the evening a ceremonial reception and a concert took place at the Palace of Independence with the participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, after which in honor of veterans a grand dinner was given, a salute was fired on the banks of Yesil river.

Traditionally JSC “NC “KTZ” invites veterans during “Nauriz” and “Day of the Elderly” holidays.

Professional holiday is celebrated by everyone: current workers of the Company and pensioners. In 2010 the holiday was celebrated at the Congress Hall with Kazakhstan pop stars. 113,3 million tenge was provided for financial aid for pensioners for the Day of transport and communication workers.

To effectively address social issues the Company closely works with the trade union of railwaymen.

By cooperating with the trade union the Company finds ways to further improve the industry’s social work, increase working efficiency, ensure traffic safety, strengthen labor and procedures discipline. 

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«NC «KTZ» transformation
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